The preparatory courses (Vorstudienkurse) in the subjects German, mathematics, physics and chemistry generally last two semesters with about 32 hours of instruction a week.

In the courses in German as a foreign language, the students learn vocabulary and grammatical structures as well as skills and strategies necessary for understanding and producing texts on technical and natural scientific topics. The courses are supplemented by project work in small groups on work techniques useful at university (writing seminar papers, holding oral presentations, writing reports).

Instruction in the subjects mathematics, physics and chemistry deepens and expands the knowledge that the students acquired at school in their home countries, but it also introduces new topics that are important for the intended program of studies in natural sciences or engineering. Special emphasis is placed on instruction in specialised cognitive and working skills specific to the field of study, as well as on the correct use of technical terminology and language.

Regular instruction is supplemented with tutorials, comprehensive counselling on study methods, special excursions and—together with university institutions—a wide range of information on your field of study.

You will find a detailed presentation of the topics of instruction here.

Internationaler Gottesdienst 2017


Einladung zum Sommerfest

Sommerfest 2017

Die DASA in Dortmund

Gruppenbild B2Überschwemmungen, Erdbeben, sich überschlagende Autos und andere Katastrophen kennen wir alle aus den Medien. Die B2-Gruppe konnte solche Ereignisse in der Sonderausstellung "Alarmstufe Rot" der DASA innerhalb einer Stunde hautnah erleben. Dabei ging es um die Frage: Wie entstehen Katastrophen, wie gehen Menschen damit um und wie könnte man sie zukünftig vermeiden?