Before you can attend a preparatory college (Studienkolleg), you must, as a foreign applicant, demonstrate in an entrance examination (Aufnahmeprüfung) that you will be able to successfully participate in the classes at the preparatory college.

The entrance examinations for the winter semester take place in August, for the summer semester in January. You will receive detailed information on the date, time and place with the invitation to the examination. The current dates and deadlines are listed at preparatory courses / dates and deadlines Vorstudienkurse / Termine.

To prepare for the language examination, you should attend language courses at least to the B1 level (preferably B2) with a total of about 500 (for B1) or 700 (for B2) hours of instruction in German. The language examination consists of three parts of 30 to 45 minutes each. Possible elements of the examination are: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, C-test, text production and grammar. You can download detailed information on the elements of the examination here.

Internationaler Gottesdienst 2017


Einladung zum Sommerfest

Sommerfest 2017

Die DASA in Dortmund

Gruppenbild B2Überschwemmungen, Erdbeben, sich überschlagende Autos und andere Katastrophen kennen wir alle aus den Medien. Die B2-Gruppe konnte solche Ereignisse in der Sonderausstellung "Alarmstufe Rot" der DASA innerhalb einer Stunde hautnah erleben. Dabei ging es um die Frage: Wie entstehen Katastrophen, wie gehen Menschen damit um und wie könnte man sie zukünftig vermeiden?